UPS TradeAbility International Tools
UPS TradeAbility® will help you effectively and confidently manage the movement of goods internationally in a timely, efficient, and compliant manner. Start using a TradeAbility service below, or learn more about the features and benefits of each service.

All UPS TradeAbility® services are available free of charge.

Estimate Landed Cost
Estimate the cost to move a shipment across borders, including duties, taxes, and transportation charges.

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Find Harmonized Codes
Quickly and accurately identify and apply a product's harmonized tariff code.

Enter Tariff Codes

Tariff Code:

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Detect Export Licenses
Ensure that your shipment is in compliance with US export regulations, procedures, tariffs and laws.

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Request Multiple Services
Enter shipment information once and request multiple TradeAbility services at one time.

Request Multiple Services

Screen for Denied Parties
Screen for restricted trade parties and embargoed locations.

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Select a Location

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Check Import Compliance
Ensure that your shipment is in compliance with location-specific regulations, procedures, tariffs and laws.

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More International Tools
Find international forms, maintain a list of your products, review global shipping guidelines and procedures, and more.

Access International Forms
Manage Your Product List
View Transaction History
Check File Status
The provision of UPS TradeAbility Services does not constitute legal advice to you, the shipper or any other person, and may only be used for your convenient reference. UPS does not guarantee the accuracy of the Services. You understand that applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those related to import and export, are subject to changes in the applicable laws and regulations, which may not be addressed by the UPS TradeAbility Services.